Fahlke Larea




  • Carbon monocoque safety passenger cockpit with integrated tubular frame
  • Roll cage to FIA specification, braced as far as the engine compartment
  • Single-wheel suspension, adjustable front and rear
  • Racing shock-absorbers; adjustable in rebound, pressure stage and height


  • GRP/CFK Body
  • Carbon front wing
  • Carbon underbody
  • Carbon panels
  • RAL paintwork
  • Boot capacity approx. 50 litres
  • Optional: Adjustable carbon rear wing
  • Optional: Carbon rear diffusor



EUR 179.000,00

V8 engine, 7,200 ccm


Max. performance:
KW 404 / 550 HP at 7,100 rpm
Max. torque:
668 NM, 6,500 rpm
Fuel management:
Fully electronic
Ignition system:
Emission control:
Euro 5 catalytic converter
Exhaust system:
Stainless Steel


Power transmission

  • 6-gear manual transmission, fully synchronised with differential lock


  • AP brake system with 6 piston brake callipers
  • Dual-circuit brakes withbrake balance adjuster manually adjustable from cockpit



Titanium safety rack-and-pinion steering




Empty weight:
from 940 kg
70 litres


Driving performance


Maximum speed:
349 km/h
0 – 100 km in 3.0 sec
0 – 200 km in 8.5 sec
Fuel type:
Super Plus 98 RON




9J x 18" forged aluminium wheels
11J x 18" forged aluminium wheels






Standard features


Larea Cockpit

Sport Dashboard

  • All of the display details in the centrally-arranged and easily readable dashboard in the central console are freely configurable
  • There is a memory function for lap times (IR kit optional) and a display of the minimum and maximum values
  • Ideal for road and track use
  • Provides complete information on all engine data, speeds, rpm, gear display and 10 shift lights, programmed to increase to a shift flash, all engine parameters, circuit times with up to 5 intermediate times
  • G forces / transverse acceleration sensor as well as daily and total kilometre indicator
  • So that they are easily visible, other freely-configurable alarm LEDs for fuel level, battery voltage, oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, etc. are located on the dashboard
  • The sport dashboard is equipped with inputs for rpm, speed, circuit time, battery voltage and 8 freely-configurable analog inputs
  • Up to 64 channels can be accepted from the control device via CAN bus or RS 232
  • The dashboard can be read using the software provided and in this way all the driver's race track data can be saved

Interior / exterior

  • Leather upholstered carbon seats
  • Leather gear lever
  • Carbon monocoque
  • Roll cage within the passenger compartment
  • Velour carpets
  • Dashboard covered in Alcantara or leather
  • Racing tank cap
  • Foam-filled safety tank
  • Brake balance system
  • 4-point harness system

All vehicle data and technical details are standard values determined at one time.
They may vary at any time due to factory or customer-specific adjustments or technical changes.