Fahlke Larea



  • Carbon monocoque safety passenger cockpit with integrated tubular frame
  • Roll cage to FIA specification, braced as far as the engine compartment
  • Single-wheel suspension, adjustable front and rear
  • Racing shock-absorbers tailored to the driver: Rebound and pressure stage, low and high speed, compression and rebound as well as height adjustable with attached compensating reservoir and temperature compensation


  • CFK body
  • Carbon front wing
  • Carbon headlamp casing
  • Carbon underbody
  • Paintwork of choice
  • Adjustable XL race carbon double wing Carbon rear diffuser
  • Carbon panels
  • Boot capacity approx. 50 litres



EUR 648.000,00

V8 compressor engine, 7,200 ccm


Max. performance:
KW 738 / 1004 HP at 6400 rpm
Max. torque:
1400 NM, 4500 rpm
Fuel management:
Fully electronic injection


Ignition system


Ignition system:
Emission control:
Euro 5 catalytic converter
Exhaust system:
Stainless Steel


Power transmission


6-gear manual transmission fully synchronised with differential lock and carbon clutch, or alternatively sequential 6-gear transmission



  • Brembo-racing carbon brake system with 6 piston brake callipers
  • Dual-circuit brakes with break balance system manually adjustable from cockpit



Titanium safety rack-and-pinion steering with quick-out and carbon F1 steering wheel




Empty weight:
ab 980 kg
80 litres


Driving performance


Maximum speed:
>400 km/h
0 – 100 km < 2.4 sec
0 – 200 km in 6.0 sec
Fuel type:
Super Plus 98 RON




11J x 18" forged aluminium wheels
13J x 18" forged aluminium wheels






Standard features

F1 carbon steering wheel

  • Steering wheel with 5 integrated LED shift lights/shift flash
  • Integrated LCD display showing speed, rpm, lap time and number of laps driven, engine parameters such as temperatures/boost pressure/oil pressure, etc., 4 freely-configurable alarm LEDs for threshold values
  • 4 integrated programmable switches (e.g. neutral signal, radio, speed limiter, launch control or other functions)
  • All operating elements for everyday use

Larea Cockpit - Pro Race Dashboard

  • The large centrally-arranged and easily readable dashboard is our top dashboard and has an integrated 16 MB flash memory
  • Provides complete information on all engine data, speeds, rpm, gear display and 10 shift lights programmed to increase to a shift flash, all engine parameters, circuit times with up to 5 intermediate times
  • G forces / transverse acceleration sensor as well as daily and total kilometre indicator
  • So that they are easily visible, freely-configurable alarm LEDs for fuel level, battery voltage, oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, etc. are located on the dashboard
  • Inputs for rpm, 4x speed, transverse acceleration, battery voltage and 12 freely configurable analog inputs with sampling rates of up to 500 Hz.
  • In addition, up to 64 channels can be accepted from the control device via CAN bus or RS 232

The dashboard can be read using the software provided and in this way the driver's race track data can be saved.

Integrated racing data logger

  • Memory holds up to 500 race tracks around the world
  • Integrated GPS module
  • 5 freely configurable analog channels
  • 2 GPS and vehicle speed inputs
  • 1 rpm channel
  • 1 internal triaxial accelerometer, display of g-forces undertaken
  • Lap time (magnetic/optic/GPS)
  • ECU interface
  • CAN protocol
  • 16 MB memory
  • USB port for data download

The data logger can be connected or expanded with pretty much every sensor or product used in motor racing, thus providing professional analysis of use in motor sport.

Video system

  • Video system integrated in the cockpit for later replay and analysis of the session or races driven
  • Professional on-board camera with data overlay
  • The video system provides impressive, easily visible crystal-clear images of your driving sessions on a PC or TV for perfect analysis, stored with all the distance, vehicle and engine data with integrated GPS and triple-axis accelerometer

Interior / exterior

  • Kevlar carbon moulded seats covered in Alcantara or leather
  • Carbon gear lever
  • Carbon monocoque on request in your individual design, upholstered in Alcantara or leather
  • Roll cage, leather within the passenger compartment
  • Leather carpets with embroidered Fahlke emblem and LAREA S10 lettering
  • Air conditioning
  • Dashboard and cockpit coverings in carbon
  • Racing tank cap
  • Kevlar foam safety tank
  • Electronic balance-arm system adjustable from cockpit
  • FIA 6-point harness system



All vehicle data and technical details are standard values determined at one time.
They may vary at any time due to factory or customer-specific adjustments or technical changes.