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The company M-racing Fahlke KFZ-Technik und Prototypenentwicklung can produce your dream car:

from the design, wind-tunnel tests and optimisation, to the production of the complete vehicle of your dreams. The only limit is your ideas, which we will develop with our experienced team to produce a unique result.


Design and development


From design to series production. M-racing Fahlke KFZ-Technik und Prototypenentwicklung builds your dreams!


M-racing Fahlke KFZ-Technik und Prototypenentwicklung is able to offer you a vehicle project from design, through model construction, to production (one of a kind) and prototype construction as well as a final series production at a reasonable price.


With our design team, we can set your personal dream car on its wheels!


We look forward to receiving your enquiry.



Milling domed models such as front, rear and side sections, etc.


This is the milling of large models that can be autoclaved from high-performance (aircraft)aluminium for the later series production of bodywork parts from CFK. Here is the example of an engine bonnet and a rear section.


The production of high-performance sports-car tubular frames


We construct and produce individual sports-car tubular frames.


Rennfahrzeug-Gitterrohrrahmen    Rennfahrzeug-Gitterrohrrahmen   Rennfahrzeug-Gitterrohrrahmen

Development of engine and gear adaptations for customersn



Larea Getriebe   produktion

Larea Getriebe

  • The development of engine gear concepts for fitting in prototypes, series or third-party vehicles
  • The creation of electrical supply concepts for controlling engines
  • Special production of airboxes
  • The production of intake trumpet/air ducts heads to customers' specifications
  • Special and series production of exhaust systems
  • Electro-hydraulic systems for prototypes or series vehicles
  • Chassis construction, brake adaptations and brake systems
  • Tubular frames
  • The production of carbon components down to the entire monocoque

Milling a light body


MM-racing Fahlke KFZ-Technik und Prototypenentwicklung has designed and produced head lamp housings to complete headlanps for all types of vehicles.


produktion    produktion   produktion




produktion   produktion

The design and production of models for the production of Makrolon or safety-glass windshields.